Gold plated connector

USB-IF certified and designed to withstand daily wear & tear from frequent plugs and unplugs

ChargeSafely™ Auto disconnect*

Intelligently identifies threats and shuts down current passthrough to protect you from faulty chargers

Low resistance wires

Thick copper gauge yielding maximum charge speed

Aluminium foil

Shields and protects cable body from pulls

Protective mesh

minimal data loss and 20% improved overall strength with 50.000 bending tolerance**

Heat resistant insulation jacket

Soft hybrid materials allowing full flexibility

Protective mesh

minimal data loss and improved strength with 50.000 bending tolerance

Laser-welded metal case

stabilize vital components

Robust disengaged inner layer

repel pressure and protects internal components

Flexible hybrid material

deflect pressure from entering internal core

Ridged side grip

Ergonomically designed with haptic and durability in mind

Slim Tip

Designed to fit in any protective case with a total thickness of only 4.8mm***

* Only available in selected products

** Bending tolerance verified under the conditions 90 degree, 200g, 60 rpm. No performance drop detected

*** Tip thickness varies for different cable designs